Fortunate to travel the country as a child, photographer Leah Meulemans learned the world is full of beauty - even in the most unexpected places. Inspired by her passions for travel and photography, Leah explores the world through her camera lens - finding beauty in people, places, and nature.

Leah's photography centers around capturing a perfect moment in time, not about capturing a perfect photo. As an educator, Leah has more time than most to travel and often takes "dates with her camera." These "dates" range from a day trip near her home to a month abroad. She loves traveling with her husband and friends, but also cherishes the times alone with her camera. Because her parents installed a sense of adventure and independence, Leah is able to travel around foreign countries alone, renting apartments in cities she want to spend more time, taking the train to smaller villages, and exploring the culture of her chosen destination.

Leah lives with her husband, Ryan, and their two dogs on Signal Mountain, TN, where she works as a teacher in the local school district. She also teaches yoga and enjoys exploring food and wine. Many of her travels with Ryan center around wine. With many friends in the industry they have been fortunate to visit wineries around the world and currently maintain a wine blog in their community. As pescatarians who are also foodies, Leah and Ryan heavily research the cuisine of the areas they are visiting in order to fully enjoy the local cuisine while maintaining their dietary preferences, and have thus created a dining blog for international travelers with the same preferences.

Limited addition prints are available.

LWMP prints are available at the Brentwood Flower Shoppe in Nashville, TN and Olive Chattanooga in Chattanooga, TN.

Leah's photos "Nostalgia" and "Majestic" were finalists in Photography Forum's Best of Photography 2014 and 2015, respectively.

LWMP photos can also be seen at Crave Grill House in Toronto, Canada and are part of private collections throughout the US.

You can visit Leah and Ryan's other blogs at the following links:

LWM Photography Blog

Chatt Wine

The International Vegetarian
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