I am not always the best travel partner; I can sit in a cafe or on a street bench looking at the same building facade for hours - then come back and do it again. I love the story presented in the details. These photos take the details from some of my favorite structures and turn them into something almost unrecognizable. When taken out of context, things may not always seem to be what really are.

Shimmer ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Memorial Tunnel ~ Paris, France (2005)
Grandad's Porch ~ Macon, Georgia (2012)
Alpine Crest ~ Mont Blanc, France (2011)
Sacred Bones ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Gaudi's Attic ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
The Eyes Have It ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Fury ~ Washington, DC (2013)
Gaudi's Skylight ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Ethereal ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Quarry Sky ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Santa Maria del Mar ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
The Eye ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Gaudi's Dream ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Unfinished ~ Colonia Güell, Spain (2013)
Spiritual Backbone ~ Colonia Güell, Spain (2013)
Sacred Rainbow ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Meticulous ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
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