A Day at the Market

Visiting a local farmers' market is always one of my favorite things to do when traveling. I enjoy seeing the local food and watching the people that gather. These markets are also one thing that inspired me to slow down on my trips and spend longer amounts of time in each place instead of trying to pack the trip with as much as possible. I would walk through the markets saying to my husband how much I wished we could purchase some of the food to take home and cook - planning new meals at every turn. So that's what we did in Spain...rented an apartment and spent our time really getting to know that city and enjoying the local produce. The photos in this collection are taken in markets in France, Spain, and our local outdoor markets in Tennessee.

Aubergine ~ Chattanooga, Tennessee (2013)
Artichaut ~ Amboise, France (2014)
Oignons Rouges ~ Collioure, France (2013)
Beaune Saturday Market II ~ Beaune, France (2011)
Ail Violet ~ Collioure, France (2013)
Beaune Saturday Market III ~ Beaune, France (2011)
Violette Ail ~ Amboise, France (2013)
Pimientos ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Corbeille à Pain ~ Collioure, France (2013)
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