Botanicals I

I have always been drawn to botanical photography. After visiting a fantastic Mapplethorpe exhibit in Paris I decided to experiment with this subject myself. These photos are from my recent to trip to France as well as gardens near my home in the Southern United States.

Calla Lilies ~ Chenonceau, France (2014)
Bashful ~ Portland, Oregon (2015)
Floating Garden ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Floating ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Lis Calla ~ Chenonceau, France (2014)
Day Lillies ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
White ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Bright ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Southern Comfort ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Basking ~ Atlanta, Georgia (2014)
Chasing Dragonflies
United States
Desert Abstracts
A Day at the Market
The Lotus Flower
Summer 2016
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