I find myself focused on even the smallest details in life so naturally I am drawn to sculpture. From my first trip to Florence as a teenager, to my wedding in a sculpture garden, to my most recent travels - sculpture has always demanded my attention. However, I never felt comfortable sharing these photos, to me they seemed almost like plagiarism. After all, this is someone else's work. It wasn't until the Mapplethorpe exhibit in Paris this summer that I felt free to share my work. Mapplethorpe's sculpture photos are captivating - He opened the door for me to share these.

Polyxena ~ Florence, Italy (2013)
The National Cathedral I ~ Washington, DC (2013)
Strong Armed ~ Washington, DC (2013)
Waiting to Breathe ~ Washington, DC (2013)
The National Cathedral IV ~ Washington, DC (2013)
After the Rain ~ Washington, DC (2013)
Pedestal ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Throne ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Sheltered ~ Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Lookout ~ Chattanooga, TN (2014)
Aged ~ Chattanooga, TN (2013)
A Day at the Market
Summer 2016
Botanicals I
Desert Abstracts
United States
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