I am not a photographer to worry about f-stops and shutter speeds. In fact, I often leave my camera on one of the auto settings (oh the horror!). My photography is not about getting the perfect shot, it's about getting the perfect moment that could be lost while I am searching for the perfect settings. These photos are examples of this theory of practice. When I travel, I like to document the entire culture - including the people I encounter. Sometimes they catch me, other times I get the photo without the subject ever knowing. It's a fun collection for me add to on every trip - perhaps it stems from my love of anthropology. While these photos may not have the best technical aspects, they each tell a story - for me, that's key.

Forgiveness ~ Montmartre, Paris (2014)
The Lady in Red I ~ Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris (2014)
The Lady in Red II ~ Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris (2014)
Gelato Break ~ Île Saint-Louis, Paris (2014)
Saturday Night in Paris ~ Paris, France (2014)
Fernando ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Carmen ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Busted ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Best Friends ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Tri-pod Trio ~ Barcelona, Spain (2012)
Siesta ~ Parque de El Retiro, Madrid (2007)
The Love Boat ~ Parque de El Retiro, Madrid (2007)
Eccentricity ~ Nice, France (2005)
Stache ~ Paris, Frace (2005)
Still Got It ~ Riomaggiore, Italy (2013)
Watchful Eye ~ Monterosso, Italy (2013)
A Day at the Market
The Lotus Flower
Botanicals I
Desert Abstracts
Chasing Dragonflies
Summer 2016
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