Portugal - 2006 - We visited Portugal for our 5th anniversary. We were only beginning to explore the world of wine and decided we wanted to start in place where few we knew had been - we wanted a place to discover on our own that was unlike anywhere we had explored before. Portugal did not disappoint and we left with a love of port that we still enjoy today. We look forward to the day we can return to Douro wine region revisiting places that are among our favorite memories in our travels. *All the photos in this collection were taken on a 35mm camera.

Quinta do Portal ~ Douro Valley, Portugal (2006)
Panascal ~ Douro Valley, Portugal (2006)
Coming Full Circle ~ Amarante, Portugal (2006)
Stowaway ~ O'Porto, Portugal (2006)
Quinta da Panascal ~ Douro Valley, Portugal (2006)
Rio Douro ~ O'Porto, Portugal (2006)
Chasing Dragonflies
The Lotus Flower
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