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United States - My dad traveled a lot for business when I was growing up and we would frequently tag along. However, now I stick pretty close to home when I can. My husband and I will travel around the south (mainly to North Carolina) for weekend trips, and I have the occasional business trip, or trip to visit family but most of my travel budget is now dedicated to longer summer excursions. However, when I do have the opportunity to travel I take it - with my camera in tow.

Lake Harriet IVĀ ~ Blue Diamond, Nevada (2013)
Red Rock Canyon II ~ Las Vegas, Nevada (2013)
Cool in the Shade ~ Gibbs Gardens, Georgia (2013)
The Man in the Moon ~ Signal Mountain, Tennessee (2014)
Beautiful Ruins ~ Barnsley Gardens, Georgia (2014)
Garden of the Gods ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado (2011)
Red Rock Canyon IV ~ Las Vegas, Nevada (2013)
Mojave Trifecta ~ Las Vegas, Nevada (2013)
Reflection Upon Lake Harriet ~ Blue Diamond, Nevada (2013)
Valley of Fire IV ~ Overton, Nevada (2013)
Valley of Fire VI ~ Overton, Nevada (2013)
Valley of Fire VII ~ Overton, Nevada (2013)
What a View ~ Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina (2014)
Life in the Clouds ~ Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina (2014)
Mountain Hideaway~ Little Switzerland, North Carolina (2014)
Reflections of Past Life ~ Blueridge Parkway, North Carolina
Southern Fall ~ Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina (2014)
Grandad's Garage ~ Macon, Georgia (2012)
Reflections of the Past ~ Macon, Georgia (2012)
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