Italy, 2013 - Ahh...Italy - everyone should visit Italy some time in their life. This was the first country I visited outside of the US. I was 16 on a tour with my high school and it was fantastic. My husband and I chose Italy for our honeymoon, and then visited again the summer of 2013. I don't think one can ever see too much, or enough, of Italy.

Arno Gondolas ~ Florence, Italy (2013)
A Room with a View ~ Florence, Italy (2013)
Corniglia ~ Corniglia, Italy (2013)
Vernazza III - Vernazza, Italy (2013)
Manorola I ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola II ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola III ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola Cliffs ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola Clouds ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola Shoreline ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Manorola VII ~ Manorola, Italy (2013)
Vernazza II - Vernazza, Italy (2013)
Vernazza IV - Vernazza, Italy (2013)
A Day at the Market
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